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Secure Password Authentication (SPA): No data

For Incoming Mail over POP only: No data

  • SPF
  • Where the SPF record is not already defined by the client, we use: "v=spf1 a mx include:spf.host100.net.nz -all"
  • We include spf.host100.net.nz to permit our outbound antispam systems.
  • DKIM
  • We don't use DKIM by default, however we're able to implement this upon request.
  • To properly implement DKIM for you, we would need selector(s) and public key(s) for any other node(s) sending email as [domain].
  • Our systems currently require using a selector called "default".
  • We're happy to provide selector(s) and public key(s) for the web / email service(s) you have with us, to allow you to configure this yourself.
  • Where the DMARC record is not already defined by the client, we delegate this to a policy domain, and use: "v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; sp=none; fo=s; rf=afrf; ri=86400; adkim=r; aspf=r; pct=100;"
  • SSL / TLS
  • We primarily use Server Name Indication (SNI).
  • We're able to provide dedicated SSL services for you upon request, and/or non-SNI CDN services if required.
  • Please contact us to discuss further.
  • DNS
  • Please ensure that you review the DNS records for [domain] regularly.
  • SPF records need to include every server that sends email from [domain].
  • DKIM records need to include the public key for each and every selector that is used by any server that sends mail as [domain].
  • Please email changes and queries to postmaster@host100.net.nz.
  • Technical Assistance
  • Please forward all information you have to postmaster@host100.net.nz, and contact us to notify of this.
  • If relevant, please include saved copies of emails (including headers), as well as any logging/reporting information you have.